EDUC 2016 is over, and what an EDUC it was!

At the end of EDUC 2016, the attendees of the conference voted which venue was going to be the venue for EDUC 2018. There were two teams who volunteered and pitched seriously for that position. Promedico (the Netherlands) proposed going to Rotterdam, actually have the conference held on the Holland-America line; a boat! Next came Mike Peat, Unicorn Interglobal (UK), who proposed to go to Edinburgh. And the majority of the attendees voted for Edinburgh, so Edinburgh it is going to be.

Nick Nikijuluw, Managing Director of Data Access Europe: "EDUC 2016 was a fantastic event. We like to thank our partners, Jeanette, Charlotte and Matthias for organizing it, you did well and it was so much fun. We wish Mike and his team success and as much fun, organizing EDUC 2018 in Edinburgh."

European DataFlex Users' Conference

EDUC is the largest gathering for DataFlex Developers in the European region. In 2016, we met in Berlin, Germany, for a 2-day conference on May 12th and 13th.

Although EDUC 2016 is over, keep an eye on this website for the next weeks. Presentations are being made available for download, as well as some training/sample workspaces, and the Authenticator!

You can also look forward to seeing some more photos added to the albums, feel free to send us some of your gems. Perhaps we can find the time to provide a short video of the event. This is for those that did not attend this time; you need to come next time. And for those who were there, to share looking back at a great event.

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Tearing down the Walls

There has been some serious tearing down going on in Berlin, but as always, everything comes to an end. And as the tradition dictates, the attendees of EDUC 2016, could vote for the location of the next EDUC, in 2018.

The Promedico team (Holland) pitched Rotterdam, and Unicorn (UK) proposed to go to Edinburgh. 

The final outcome is that EDUC will be going to Edinburgh in 2018.

Be there!


EDUC 2016 was held in Berlin, one of the most lively cities in Europe.

Gabriele-Tergit-Promenade 19
10963 Berlin, Germany
+49 30 700 779 0

We thank the SCANDIC team for their friendly, professional and excellent services. 

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EDUC 2016

Join us for programming tips & tricks and other relevant news shared with you by in the spectacular Berlin!

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