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We're working on the final details for EDUC 2018. In the mean time take a look at the website to get a glimpse of what EDUC has to offer this year.

If you already know you want to attend the EDUC apply below to get informed when the registration opens. If you would like to join the golf event, please check the box.

Full Conference package

The full conference package offers you the following:

Attend all online presentations on April 2nd and 3rd. The presentations are hosted from the recording studio and conference room in Hengelo, and speakers that cannot be on-site will present from their own location.

The streaming technology that is used, will allow for interaction between presenter and the audience. Before participating, attendees will be informed about the protocol that we will maintain in order to have a smooth coordination and communications throughout the event.

Watch the rerun!
After enjoying two full days of online presentations, you may want to go back to a particular session, and watch it again. You can!
The presentations will be recorded and made available to registered participants of EDUC.

The price for attending the EDUC, is EUR 150 per person. 


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