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Training Days

Want to improve your DataFlex skills? Come join our training sessions! The training sessions will be on Tuesday May 31st and Wednesday June 1st.

Tuesday May 31st 2022

Drive In

9:00 - 12:30 GMT Vincent Oorsprong

Drive-in events around the world are organized to support small groups of DataFlex developers in a personal, interactive way. Meeting in person makes it easier to discuss, explain, show your question or issue. At the start, a list of topics and questions is composed by the attendees. The Drive-in is moderated by Vincent Oorsprong, a DataFlex expert who supports the widest range of issues. You never have been in a Drive-in before? Give it a try, join!

Migration to DataFlex 2022

09:00 - 12:30 GMT Stephen Meeley
When the NextGen project was completed, DataFlex officially supported 64-bit and Unicode. Since then, training sessions and workshops were organized around the world. How about you, are you on the latest version of DataFlex? This training is another chance to learn about migrating to DataFlex 2022, don’t miss it!


Taming your Data Dictionaries

13:30 - 17.00 GMT Vincent Oorsprong

Centralized business rules, programmed in Data Dictionaries. It is a powerful and elegant concept that sets DataFlex apart from the competition. It makes for a beautiful product architecture but more importantly, it greatly enhances productivity when developing new software, and even more when maintaining existing applications.

New features were added over the years and help you building better structured applications. The training is a hands-on training. Learn using the power of Data Dictionaries and use techniques you may not be aware of.



Web Deployment

13:30 - 17:00 GMT Stephen Meeley

The completion of a Web application is an exciting milestone, but now come the next set questions: Should I deploy in the cloud? How big a server? Is my application secure? How do I manage the process pool? The list of decisions can seem a bit daunting. In this course we’ll cover all the aspects of Web application deployment “from soup to nuts”, including the deployment of SQL and setting up various SPLF configurations – taking advantage of all the latest capabilities of DataFlex 2022!

Wednesday June 1st 2022

WebApp Custom Styling

9:00 - 12:30 GMT Harm Wibier

DataFlex comes with several themes. An alternative is the DataFlex Styler, an online service to modify the look & feel of your webapps. But what if you want to fully customize the UI/UX of your applications? Learn where exactly in the web framework, you can find the CSS and HTML code that make up the eventual look & feel of your application.

Hot Features in DataFlex 2022

09:00-12:30 GMT Henri Reterink
DataFlex 2022 is fitted with some nice new features, features that can help you to make your applications look much sexier. Join this training to learn how to make your applications more competitive by adding these features!


DataFlex Build Server & Testing

13:30 - 17:00 GMT Bram Nijenkamp
Automated testing and build servers are a standard part of modern development platforms. Bram will explain why you should use them and how to apply them in your DataFlex projects. Learn how to implement a Jenkins build server with multi-branch pipelines and how to implement testing, whilst providing integration with Jenkins. Understand how pipelines work and why they are used. Zooming in further, migrations will be looked at as well as an extended version of DFUnit with tools for handling WebApp oriented code, and Jenkins integrations with Bitbucket tooling.


Custom Web Controls

13:30-17:00 GMT Henri Reterink

 The DataFlex web framework offers a complete set of features and controls. However, in real life the need for additional functionality or controls may arise.

The extensibility of the DataFlex WebApp Framework allows you to add new controls to the existing set, whether it’s wrapping third-party libraries or creating one from scratch. During this training, we’ll be mixing theory with hands-on involvement. At the end, you’ll walk away with a functional, self-built custom control as well as enough knowledge to build more in the future.



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