Due to the Covid-19 pandemic...

EDUC 2020 is now a virtual conference available worldwide!

The full agenda will be video-streamed live; training courses will be on-line too!

Virtual EDUC April 2-3, 2020

until Virtual EDUC 2020

While we cannot meet in person, having an on-line event gives us the opportunity to reach a worldwide audience. Our goal is to host the largest online DataFlex event ever and YOU can help make that happen! Join us!


The internet is going to be our new venue. It is a familiar, available resource with no chance of spreading a virus.

Event Agenda & Training

The training and event dates and the conference agenda remain the same as originally planned. Some minor changes will apply to accommodate the virtual environment and remote presenters. Any updates or changes will be published here on the website and will be communicated directly to all attendees registered for the on-line event.

If you registered for EDUC in Iceland...

You will be notified of any changes and you can participate in the online conference without extra costs. A special relief fund has been created for people previously registered for the event.

Not registered for virtual EDUC 2020 yet?

You now have a unique opportunity to:

  • Participate from anywhere in the online EDUC conference and training at very affordable rates
  • Increase the EDUC relief fund - 100% of your on-line event fee will be contributed to the EDUC relief fund

Given time-zone differences, all streamed presentations will also be recorded and made available to registered attendees after the event.

register now for virtual EDUC 2020!


Even in the new, 'virtual' format, under today's uncertain circumstances, there still is a risk of external factors disrupting our plans so we cannot guarantee that the on-line event will take place as currently intended. Rescheduling is an option in case any changes outside of our control are required.


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