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DataFlex, where are we?

DataFlex continues to evolve, offering an impressive array of features that enhance application development. With 64-bit and Unicode support, modern UI components, improved data connectivity, and advanced debugging tools, DataFlex is poised to help you build applications that stand out in today’s competitive landscape. Embrace the future of development with DataFlex and make your applications sexier than ever before!

DataFlex Dashboards

Every software solution can use a nice dashboard. Many DataFlex developers have developed their own dashboards, it can be done.

But if every application needs a dashboard, shouldn’t DataFlex have its own Dashboard ‘framework’ out of the box?

The concepts that guided the design of the Dashboard logic were for example that every DataFlex application developer can create dashboards, writing standard DataFlex code, creating widgets. Allow the end-user to dynamically select widgets, drag & drop, arrange and resize widgets at will.

At EDUC, learn how easy it is to create dashboards with DataFlex!


FlexTron is the technology allowing DataFlex developers to create Windows applications that have a full WebApp framework based UI/UX.

Without the need for a WebApp server, your DataFlex Windows apps can have any design you want, because HTML/CSS allow developers to fit any web design on your Windows app.

DataFlex Reports

For ‘pixel-perfect’, paper-size-aware reporting in DataFlex, DataFlex Reports is the standard. Its integration library allows developers to seamlessly integrate reports for Windows and Web applications alike.

An overview of DataFlex Reports is a standard presentation at EDUC. New at EDUC in Split, is the plan for future, presenting the development of a new edition of the product, aimed at end-users.


In future, the DataFlex Studio will be your “window” on everything DataFlex code, be it in the Studio, or outside. And the new Package Manager will help you with that.

Within your Studio, conveniently point at which library you want to add, and Package Manager will make sure to add the correct version to your Workspace.

Installing, updating and managing libraries and their dependencies are made very easy with the Package Manager. The package manager can help keep libraries up to date with the latest security patches and feature improvements, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities in the codebase.

And last, but not least: It is a new asset within the community, as components can be easily shared.


Remember DFAuto? Let’s reintroduce your ultimate tech companion. Imagine a tool that not only simplifies your workflow but also ensures your apps run smoothly across both Web and Windows platforms. It’s so intuitive and easy to use, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. If you haven’t moved your projects to web yet, now is your chance to do so!


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