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Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is the country of many natural wonders like the northern lights, geysers and waterfalls. Most of the locals live in the capital Reykjavik. A city known for the colorful buildings and great cultural locations.

Things to do

The land of fire and ice! Iceland offers a lot of extreme differences:

  • Vulcanoes (fire) and the largest glaciers of Europe (ice)
  • Long summerdays (light) and winterdays with only a few hours of sunlight (darkness)

Also Iceland and Reykjavik might seem small, but they have a lot to offer! Discover this page for a few recommendations!

Did you know this about Iceland?

  • Reykjavik is the northernmost capital in the world
  • A huge amount of Icelanders believe elves exist or that it’s possible that they exist
  • 60% of the Icelandic population lives in the capital
  • Iceland is sometimes called the island of ice and fire
  • Most tourists visit Iceland because of its nature
  • Glaciers cover over 10% of Iceland
  • The Vatnajokull ice cap is Europe’s largest glacier
  • Iceland is one of the two places in the world you can see two tectonic plates meeting above the earth’s surface (you can also go snorkling between those plates)
  • Iceland has about 125 volcanic mountains, a handfull are still very active
  • Iceland has no forests
  • Want to learn the Icelandic language? Maybe this video helps: The Hardest Karaoke Song in the World

What to eat and drink?

Iceland is surrounded by ocean, so the first thing that comes to mind is seafood. This is a big part of the Icelandic cuisine. Most traditional food include fish, dairy, bread, potatoes and lamb. And most of you might know the ’yoghurt’ from Iceland: Skyr!

An interesting popular Icelandic dish is Hakarl, or rotten shark... Do you dare to try it?

Where to drink

Nightlife in Reykjavik is centred around shopping street Laugavegur. You can find shops, restaurants and bars. Mostly people are scrolling from bar to bar. You might like:

> The culturetrip - Best Bars in Reykjavik
> Lonley planet - Best drinking & nightlife in Reykjavik

Where to eat?

Although Reykjavik is a small city, there are enough restaurants to endorse. Browse through these sites to see if something catches your eye:

> Guide to Iceland - The Best Restaurants in Reykjavik
> Tripadvisor - The 10 Best Restaurants in Reykjavik


Laugavegur Street is the main shopping street in Reykjavik. The name means ’Wash road’. It used to lead to the hot springs where Icelanders went for washing. Nowadays you will find shops, bars and restaurants surrounding this street.


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